Monday, October 27, 2008



Currently we have about 84 people confirmed (with ticket sales) and, because we now have an operating budget, we can talk more about the program:

Doors open at 7 (goes until 1ish)
We’ll have an Open Bar Happy Hour from 8-9 (and right now, we’re trying to make soda and juice free all night – tbd), with a cash bar after that. Hopefully, we’ll have some specials too.
There will be dancing (DJ Boo Radley aka Brad Cahillane and Nate Korza have chosen some choice cuts)
There will be veggie-AND-carnivore friendly appetizers. Lots of snacks.
Dress is stylishly casual.
There will be a couple of large tables, cocktail tables and, hopefully couches.

IF YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT TICKETS, BUY THEM TODAY for $30 PER PERSON. THEY WILL BE $35 AT THE DOOR. AND $35 AFTER NOV. 1 (we need the headcount). You can buy them through the PayPal "Add to Cart" link on the side of this page, or send a check to Nate Korza at 22 Dickinson St. Northampton, MA 01060.

Please let me know if there are any questions or comments.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting in touch


Ticket sales have gone very well. I blame/credit Nate Korza. To date, we have sold nearly 70 tickets (i'll be posting names once we get them all straightened out) -- but we'd always welcome more!

If you've bought a ticket, thanks. Looking forward to seeing you. But if you know someone who is planning to come, get them to buy theirs too. Or, if you think someone doesn't know about this yet, clue them in! The more, the merrier. That kind of thing, you know.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Opinions Needed


I thought Labor Day would be a good day to get back on the beam with this thing. But then I started panicking about what was going on.

We have 6 tickets bought -- which I think is an entirely reasonable number, but I'd like to have a better headcount. Who's coming for sure? Who thinks they might come? Who wants to buy a ticket ($30 per person, significant others welcome) -- just click the link to the right....I'm thinking we'll have an Oct. 15 cutoff date for the $30 and then raise it to $35 after or something.

Also: What song do you most want to hear (we're putting together a playlist)?
What other ideas/suggestions do you have?

Please post answers in the comments or email them in complete confidence to me so then I can post them in the comments. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Few Quick Updates

1) When buying tickets through the "Add to Cart" button on the right here, please note that the $30 covers one (1) admission. Buying for a spouse requires another $30 (in case this wasn't clear). Fair? Yes. Reality? Also yes.
2) I've opened up the comments so anyone who runs across this blog (hopefully, friends and classmates) can comment without registering. Please be civil. If not civil, then at least witty.
3) We already have our first ticket bought! I don't know if we have to keep this secret or not, but I will. However, it's not someone I had been in touch with regarding the 20th -- so that's exciting. People are searching us out. Cool.
4) I have a VERY skimpy class list from the High School. So I'm hoping that through Fred's Facebook page, this blog, and email lists we can reach most people. I'll make this a focus soon.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Details!!

First, sorry to those who may have wanted to get together in the summer for the official reunion. Due to many reasons (not the least being I live in LA -- sucka!), it was becoming a problem. As we found out from the enjoyable fiasco of Reunion 10.0, group planning is a pain in the ass. So we kept this one a little closer to the chest. HOWEVER, if people want to use this space to through around other ideas or have some informal meet ups, that's why we're here!

Thanks to Nate Korza and Matt Gowdy, we have a time and place for the Officially Sanctioned 20 Year Reunion:

Sat. November 29, 2008
125A Pleasant St. 
Northampton MA
7:30 p.m. to ?
Tickets $30 (available for purchase through the Add to Cart button on the right hand part of this page)

I think we're planning on having some appetizers, but nothing huge -- so enjoy an early dinner and then come prepared. We have the joint until 1. We're loading a killer iPod list (put your requests in comments). And tickets for those who act now will be $30 a piece (for purchase through the website (just click on the button on the upper right). They might be more the closer we get. I dunno. Depends how much Matt's shelling out for now. But the more confirmations we get up front, the more goodies we can stuff into this extravaganza. 

More posts, opinions and details to come.


Anyway. The discussion starts now. Let's hear from you.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Howdy...And Welcome!

This is to alert our fellow classmates about the planning, execution and details for the Northampton High School Class of 1988's 20th Reunion.

Yes, to the untrained eye, this looks like the cheapest possible way of planning a reunion, and you may be right. Still, what we save from unnecessary mailings, YOU save don't know.

More details, payment options and updates to come.

Feel free to drop a line, leave a comment and say howdy. We'll talk soon.